Monday, 4 November 2013

Foraging at Laughton woods.

For my birthday this year I asked if I could go on a foraging course and we did on Saturday. I can now identify edible mushrooms and fungi hurrah! for the first half everything I thought looked delicious and edible it turned out wasn't.
 It was lovely to be out in the woods with all the fairies and badgers and deer, we saw a beautiful fawn and young stag, it was really magical.
We collected a decent portion of winter chanterells, brown birch belite and some mushrooms commonly known as hedgehogs and with them all I cooked up a mushroom and garlic soup from the covent garden cook book which was indeed marvellously tasty.
I will definitely be back out in the woods as it is now my mission to find the elusive porcinis but will have to wait until next autumn now for those, next stop berries!!
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