Wednesday, 21 May 2014

PG LIve 2014.

Hallo from the other side of my second PG Live...
May has really turned into a whirlwind of fun events what with the Open House ( which is going really well and last weekend coming up) and the trade show which was really positive for I Drew This.
Many interesting conversations with buyers and future projects in the making.
After the success of last year I opted for a larger stand this year with great location just as you enter the last aisle of Springboard. I had always known I would add some colour to my stand and am really proud of my choices.
I was surrounded by lovely people (as always!) and every day was called to photoshoots, the first day was for a project organised by the lovely Lynn Tait raising money for Action Medical research, a charity who help children with life threatening illness's.
The project ran last year and raised a whopping £13,000 for the charity so our aim is to smash it this year. Here is all the artists and organisers on the first day.

After setting up and settling in on the Monday I went over to Pulse to check out what was going on over there and catch up with Jo Rose who is currently having huge success with her brand Deer Little Forest and also to have a look at the Timbergram stand.
We met in January at Top Drawer and Timbergram now have many I Drew This designs on their wooden postcards, they looked great and are proving very popular which is great news, certain designs will soon be available over at my etsy shop.

So I am now feeling on top of orders and and excited about creating lots of new designs and what the future may hold for I Drew This…

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The House of Animal Consciousness.

Here is my work in our Open House.
Having not done an open house before it was bit of an unknown how it would first time round and so I was thrilled when the first sale of the house on Sunday was two Matryoska doll A3 framed prints.
What is interesting about the Open Houses is that is it a different audience to the craft fairs and as a result my creative brain is already whirring with ideas for new prints I can work on for next year and there is still three more weekends of The House of Animal Consciousness to go.
We have been so lucky that professor Anil Seth has been kind enough to let us use his beautiful house and if you would like to see some photos of the other artists taking part you can pop over to my Facebook page here.

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