Friday, 26 November 2010

A chocolate stag!

This really IS a blog following my journeys through designland even though I KNOW it is beginning to look like a blog dedicated to my current addiction cake and chocolate but just had to show you the current window of Choccywoccydoodaa in Brighton, they have one very talented gentleman I believe who sculpts and creates these amazing creations from yes...chocolate!!
How long would it take to eat this chocolate stag I wonder...
Happy weekends to everyone with or without SNOW !! :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Too much cake...?!?

So I invited friends over yesterday afternoon to induldge in a bit of cake and tea and goss, at one point there was about 10 cakes and that was before the AMAZING cupcakes arrived!!
The other cake was my banana and chocolate chip which soon got demolished along with my good friend Hanne's version of a Nigella creation with delicious rum cream which hit the spot I can tell you! I also wanted to show off my fab 'Big love' Emma Bridgewater cake tin, brill!
So on this drab monday I can answer pretty confidently NO you can you never have too much cake!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hallo! I am spending this week working on lots of new Christmas designs and whilst doing a bit of research I came across these gorgeous characters over at the Bella Dia blog, a very talented lady They made me smile a lot x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Donna Wilson and necessary design purchases!

Oh its such a Monday for me today, slow starting, struggling with getting motivated, however was inspired at the end of last week after having a mini design blow out and simply HAVING to puchase the Habitat peacock cushion first seen over on the PrintPattern blog, swiftly followed by a toadstool candle from Heals, too cute!! To have a look online for some of Donna Wilsons pieces, soooo talented and I just LOVE the ginge cat, bearing a slight resemblance to my own stig. You can check out more of Donna's quirky work at her blog, if you haven't already that is!! Right now, I am cracking the whip and will be here into the night, its Christmas time!!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

London baby!!

Hi bloggers well today has been a proper Monday me thinks, grey and grim boo and to top if off I feel a bit like a cold is heading my way so currently got fingers and toes crossed its just a bit of monday blues.
Had a lovely weekend around London with my best friend, luckily was nice and bright as you can see from the photos, St James Park was just beautiful, full of autumn colours and many fat squirrels and Liberty's window display was highly inspirational as was the christmas store inside.
Its all about the toadstools for me :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Christmas is a comin!!

Another hard days work and I MUST stop now and rest a bit so going to go and have my for the brain!!
Here is one of my xmas designs ready to go off to the US with my agent, someone has to fall in love with him, he is riding a penny farthing!!
Happy eves to all :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Something warm for the winter...?!?

So that was Halloween gone and my head is still totally submersed in Textiles and Christmas at the mo so thought I would show you this little gem I found when out researching, amazing what joy can bought for a £1!! The knitted swimsuit...??!! for a boy... is my particular fave, get in touch if you want me to send you copies of the patterns for any of your little ones!! ;)
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