Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Further adventures around London.

So my second trip up to London involved a bit of pampering!! Some friends and I took ourselves up to the Lush spa on the Kings Road enjoying some elephants along the way!!
The spa itself has a vintage cottage feel with lots of lotions and potions dotted around and I can definatly say it was the most relaxing hour and a half massage I have ever experienced!
The music is beautiful, sometimes you are in a wood with owls hooting above your head and then transported to a summer morning surrounded by a chorus of birdsong, amazing.
You are given the opportunity to chose an area to focus on, I chose perspective and the oils and massage reflects this.
If you are looking for a real treat for a friend or yourself I would highly recommend checking it out


  1. sounds lovely....didn't realise Lush had spas as well as shops!
    Have heard about the elephants...they look great as does the quilt exhibition! I can feel another london trip coming on for me!

  2. ooh yes you should go go go!!! hope the aches have gone, maybe a massage would be just what you need! x x x


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