Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Imagine a world with no fish??

A bit serious but soo important and I cant stop thinking about it...last night I watched a documentary about our seas and the overfishing that is taking place and effects this is having on our world.
The documentary was called The End of the Line and although is a serious subject I would really urge anyone to take the time to watch it to build awareness of what is happening in what is essentially OUR sea. Species on the verge of extinction Blue fin tuna which are the most beautiful fish.
I personally love eating fish and the benefits it brings to my diet but to imagine that in as little as 50 years there may be NO fish left has seriously made me think about asking if fish in restaurants comes from a sustainable source, every other fish you eat has been caught illegally.
Oh my word I feel soo passionately about this please check out the site here

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