Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm Back!!

Of course the Disney Castle, it changed colour every 5 mins or so and was host to a pretty awesome firework display. Tinkerbell came flying off the top, she was a real fairy and everything!
Me and Woody!!! love that guy!!

Pretty neat balloons, they lit up at night too!
Of course it wouldnt be right without a topiary Mickey Mouse.


  1. Welcome back Ilona! Wow - looks like a majorly FUN place for a holiday!! Congrats on your engagement too - that's great news yay! :D

  2. Oh Wow Ilona! What a holiday!!! :D Congratulations to you!
    Thanks for sharing the news!x

  3. Aah thanks guys big things happening...getting all grown up!! hope you are both well too x x x


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