Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I have reached 40!!

Hurrah I have reached 40...followers not quite in age although did celebrate my 35th birthday yesterday and I had to share some of the gorgeous things I was bought, birthdays rule!
After filling up on the nicest vegan cake and then proceeding to sugar buzz around town with a friend the shoes (my self confessed addiction!) were the classic 'gift to myself', they came in this amazing Alice in Wonderland box too, they make me soo happy!!
I am hoping to have time to draw the amazing bouquet of flowers which were delivered to my door from my fiance and use the juicy paperchase crayons too.
I am in love with the smell of the Tokyo milk perfume, the packaging is just gorgeous and there were 5 mini mini cards in the box too which I really want to send but the envelop will be as big as a stamp!
Finally a selection of some of my fave cards, all my friends say it is the hardest thing to buy for me, I think they have all chosen some amazing designs!
A big thank you to all of my 40 followers YOU RULE!! XXX


  1. Belated Happy birthday for yesterday! glad you had a nice day:)

  2. Happy happy happy happy belated birthday you look to have been spoilt, lovely! Hope your day was fantastic!


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