Monday, 22 November 2010

Too much cake...?!?

So I invited friends over yesterday afternoon to induldge in a bit of cake and tea and goss, at one point there was about 10 cakes and that was before the AMAZING cupcakes arrived!!
The other cake was my banana and chocolate chip which soon got demolished along with my good friend Hanne's version of a Nigella creation with delicious rum cream which hit the spot I can tell you! I also wanted to show off my fab 'Big love' Emma Bridgewater cake tin, brill!
So on this drab monday I can answer pretty confidently NO you can you never have too much cake!!!


  1. Oh my word, is that an Oreo on top of a cup cake? Looks amazing!!


  2. Yes tis true, that one was ridiculous aswell!!
    anyone in the area I still have half of them left!! not for long! x

  3. one word...yummy! (well they look yummy)

  4. Ooh they look delicious! I just had about 25 people over for arvo tea on Saturday (it was my hubby's bday) and we went silly on cakes too!! You are so right - you can NEVER have enough cake hehe!

  5. sounds like a perfect afternoon! :D


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