Monday, 13 December 2010

This weekend...

...I have mostly been making marmalade, I now class marmalade as a 'professional' thing to make as although I am pleased with the way my jars look and taste now, getting to this point was not easy.
My first batch boiled over and poured into the oven, all over the work surfaces and floor declaring these things forever sticky and the second batch caught on the bottom but still tastes rather nice mainly due to the generous spoonfuls of good ol Jack Daniels!!
Respect to the jam makers and back to the childrenswear designs, Happy Monday x


  1. ha ha, I love Jack Daniels! your marmalade looks fab good for you for persisting, third time lucky!:)

  2. these llok really nice - love making jams and chutneys at xmas. Making my annual chilli jam this weekend - it normally goes wrong though!! :)

  3. Ooooh they look so nice! Well done :) I LOVE making jams and preserves, in fact I just made a batch of tomato sauce last weekend and I'm going to make strawberry jam today from my home-grown berries YUM! Hope they turn out as nicely as your jars of marmalade have!


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