Friday, 28 January 2011

Spring cleaning.

Wowza Friday again??!! Been a great week, went to the cinema with Olive, we watched Black Swan, the psychological thriller (v appropriate for a 1 month old!!) with tons of other brighton mums and their babies, hilarious, at some points I could just make out what was being said above the screaming!
I really enjoyed the film, it was different to anything I had ever seen and I kept thinking about it afterwards, always a good sign. I would recommend a look.
So a pretty quiet weekend ahead, my first organic veggie box is being delivered today so am hoping to be inspired when I see what goodies will arrive, lots of relaxing, bit of work, bit of cleaning and lots of Olive time, hurrah.

I have done a bit of computer spring cleaning this morning and found this design I did last year for a scarf for Lush, being a fan of multi colours I sometimes find it hard to work with a limited colour palette so really enjoyed the 5 colour challenge.
Happy Friday all have a great one :)


  1. Yeay! Thanks for stopping by my fledgling blog too - south coast mums rock! Thinking about doing a cinema trip with Felix, but it might be carnage... :)

  2. depending how old Felix is I say do it...apparently it gets harder the older they get but it was great fun! :)


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