Friday, 4 March 2011

Super socks!

I entered the latest Sock it to me comp with these designs, would be sooo sweet to have a pair to wear on me feet!
My best friend is on her way to babysit and tomorrow night am off out with me fiance for the first time since having Olive, got a hair appointment to help make me feel human again and my heart set on a few cocktails, bring it on, have good weekends! :)


  1. A pair of the giraffe ones for me please :-)
    Have a fab night out Mrs xxxx

  2. Oooo cocktails, now there's a thought... enjoy yourself! :)

  3. Gorgeous socks... have a good night out..

  4. bonjour! thank you so very much for visiting, leaving a sweet message+following my world! really lovin' your designs, blog name+your sweet lil' Olive...congratulations...know what you mean about feelin' human again...hope you enjoy every minute w/your beau! xo jo;)

  5. LOVIN' the giraffe! :D Hope you had a gorgeous night out!! :)


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