Tuesday, 28 June 2011


off on another adventure, olives 1ST holiday to Majorca to visit Grandad, think its gonna be a hot one!! gonna miss blogging but am hoping to use any time creatively and create nice things for tha future.

SO I think I have packed the perfect capsule wardrobe for 2 the first time and illiminated all the things we wont actually wear and now just got the airport/flight bit to get through and then I can reeeeelaaaax...

did a little interview for a cool site featuring all sorts of fashion, reviews, and the like called shopaholic this week click here to have a looksie, I sound a bit serious I think but cool to do!!

See u back on the 8th July chaps XXX


  1. Aw have a FAB time, so jealous, we loved Majorca!
    Enjoy xxx

  2. Oooh lovely! Have an awesome time! I hope little Olive has heaps of fun too :D xo


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