Monday, 19 September 2011

an honest entry...

hallo so I feel like telling it how it is with me right now...I am a bit of a worrier and sometimes that isn't EXACTLY the best recipe for a freelancer...with not much valuable time...and a 9 month (can you believe Olive is nearly 9 months old...?!!!) and a part time job I kinda wish I could give up and a million gazillion ideas bouncing around my head about what to do next AND we are going to get married next year... I am not quite sure how right now AAAARRRRrrrrGGGggggG!!!!..............phew ok I feel a bit better now so yes please enjoy the lovely bright flowers I found at the weekend aah nice and calming...


  1. Oh....that used to be me!
    It gets easier mrs....honest!
    I remember taking work with me every week to Jodie's dancing class to do while I waited 'cos I couldn't afford to just SIT THERE for half an hour! The other mums used to look at me like I was mad!
    Chill, it'll be fine :-) xx

  2. Sounds familiar too! Isn't amazing how it all gets done despite the panic and flapping though...

  3. Hey lady, don't be so hard on yourself.
    You're doing so many lovely creative things.
    It WILL work out even though sometimes it's hard to keep all the plates spinning.

  4. thank you thank you thank you x x x


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