Wednesday, 5 October 2011

and another...

here is another one of my completed mothers day designs, well I say completed would love to hear your thoughts and you think the vase is too much...colour combo?? etc etc...


  1. Hey Ilona! Lovely to see some of your work again... I haven't been blog visiting in a while though, SSOO busy!! I love this design, it's pretty and funky and elegant all in one! Love the shape of the vase and the design on it is perfect :) Hope you are well and I hope little Olive is doing great xo

  2. Hi Ilona, this is a winner! I agree with Bee, the shape of the vase is great and the flowers are lovely. I think it'd be interesting to see the background in a couple of different colour-ways, maybe a light teal or a zingy lime? Might be a cute addition to have a baby ladybird too so it's mother and baby together admiring the flowers?

  3. aah thank you guys that is EXACTLY the kind of feedback I was after, wicked :)


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