Thursday, 12 January 2012

everythings breaking!

morning, everything seems to be breaking all of a sudden, my tumble dryer is on the blink despite being on for what definitely has been hours things arent getting dry, I cleaned out 10 tons of fluff gunk and that made no difference and now my laptop has just did some update thing and now it wont even switch on!!!
on the plus side we have been waking up to some AMAZING skies this last few days and here is this mornings, gorgeous!!


  1. Did you really post this at quarter to four in the morning?! Sorry about the breakages, hope the laptop is fixed....and there's a laundrette nearby! x

  2. yeah did you???!! laptop has recovered yes thank you but unfort the tumble dryer has def broken :( there is indeed a launderette down the road tho :) hope you are all ok x x x


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