Thursday, 17 May 2012

New pad, fresh start...

Hallo there!! well we have finally moved in to our new pad, it did drag on a bit so am now just so happy to settle and get on with all the exciting new things I have set to achieve this summer!!
Here are a couple of photos of my new local area, the square at the top is where I am hoping Olive will enjoy running around and exploring the grass, trees and insects and the best thing is there is a fence all the way around it!! 
The 2nd is a cute little glimpse of the sea as I walk to the studio. nice even on a grey day...


  1. Hope you've settled in and managed to unpack
    (nice view of the sea, sigh!)

  2. Oh you are so lucky to live near the sea! Happy new home xxx

  3. Good luck in your new home x


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