Thursday, 21 June 2012

Olive update.

The lovely Lizzie over at The Pea Pod asked how Olive is doing and the answer is GROWING lots and getting to grips with talking, its fab, in my book her first word was definitely 'hallo' and she says nose, eyes, hair, and lots of other things esp RAA RAA as she is obsessed with raa raa the lion!
Here she is with troys noddy that she has adopted and now takes everywhere, happy Thursdays :)


  1. Aw little Olive! What a cutie! :-)

  2. Ah gorgeous, enjoy every min, she's beautiful! I remember Skyla being such a chatter box, she once said to me " oooo Mummy you are a bossy bitch-wiss" !!!!!! which translated meant bossy britchers! lots of laffs and good times lie ahead!xx

  3. Aww, there she is! She is so beautiful and has been from day one. I can imagine her trotting around saying RAA RAA - cute x

  4. She's growing up fast.
    Treasure every minute.

  5. aah she's lovely! how exciting that she's talking, can't wait for that too.. each stage is v exciting isn't it ...x

  6. Certainly is growing fast every morning she does something more grown up, it really is amazing love you guys thanks for your lovely comments xxx


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