Friday, 5 October 2012

Number 2.

Oh wow I am loving this more and more, 5 o'clock this morning I woke up to discover the final piece from Moira and I nearly got up there and then to put them together I was so excited!
 And how quirky is this weeks with my Dads geoscoperlous head, and a real fairy tale feel from both Steph at Ric Rac and Moira Millman, I love the ladybird shoes and desperately want a pair for Olive, just brilliant, thanks to all for playing and now just 3 more peeps for next weeks game...


  1. Hey Ilona it looks fab! such a fun idea, glad to join in:)

  2. this is brill! i love the little bird and the lady bird shoes x

  3. go on then...I'll jump on the bandwagon....put my name on the list :-)

  4. Bonkers but great - thanks for letting me take part : )


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