Monday, 5 August 2013

Bad news and good news :)

Hallo, only 4 weeks until I get married HURRAH!! been thoroughly enjoying the build up, have been stressed a bit too but having just been to 2 weddings in 2 days certainly put us in the mood.
A big congratulations to my friends Amelia & Rob and Ellen & Paul who tied the knot last week.
 In amongst the weddings I learnt that the bad news was I didn't make it into the semi finals of the Lilla Rogers global talent search with my entry above, my journal cover was based on the park that I go to most with Olive, St Annes Well Gardens, but the good news was that 2 lovely people who I have met through my blog have!! Congratulations again to Lizzie Mackay and Dawn Machell. Fingers crossed for the next brief cant wait to see their designs.
So on with a heady mix of work and wedding for me for the next few weeks followed by a honeymoon, yes a holiday, JOY and sparkly happiness coming our way!


  1. Aw thanks Illona! Your journal is gorgeous! You can make it into a fabulous card range now...and it would look cool as wrapping paper for your next show! Keep us posted with the wedding plans xxx

  2. aww thanks dawn, arg just done the table plan! INTENSE!! x

  3. Bless you Ilona, thanks so much.....I'm such a lover of yours, keep hoping to spot your cards in a shop near me. St Anne's wells used to be my local too when we lived on palmiera ave (pre-kids).....those were the days, we had sooooooo much fun there! Give Hove a great big kiss from me, I loved summertime there. X

    1. Congrats with your wedding too, bet its going to be a beautiful day.....hope you put piccies up! :-)

  4. I love all the bits and pieces in this Ilona.. a great piece for your portfolio at least : ) ... I didnt make it either : ( but I really like my piece, so Im just taking that away from the experience ! good luck with all your last minute plans, enjoy every minute x

  5. Thank you for the kind words, I loved doing it and see these things as little seeds which are continuously growing. Just went over to your blog to see if your entry was there and saw you made it into the new Print Pattern book AMAZING!! well done thats fantastic. I will be posting some pics from the wedding so keep a look out x


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