Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wedding day magicalness!!!

I am now a new and spangly MRS, we did it, the whole summer was a heady mix of making, celebrating, laughing, planning and I could wait no longer to post some photos of our big day, it was so great, went in a flash of the most awesome kind!
So for those that don't know, my husband (nice feeling) and I first went out when I was 15 and he was 16 and then in our twenties we drifted apart and I began my career as a designer while he did all the partying for both of us in Australia until eventually we met up again after 7 years out of touch and the rest as they say is history, we made Olive and now have FINALLY tied the knot!!
My flowers were filled with fresh herbs so smelt fabulous, my dress was made by Maureen and was a pattern from a 60's dress of my late Mom's tweaked a little bit and featured original 70's lace under the bust line. 
Maureen made metres and metres of bunting, I stapled and spray painted all the leaves which created our trees, the theme was 'outside inside' I negotiated a good price on the branches with blossom on from our local health food shops window display and the set up was one of the most intense 5 hours of my life!!
 wow didn't realise there was so much to tell!
Think I will need to do another post with some more pics just to indulge myself haha!
and of course am now back in the working game so do be sure to get in touch if you need any work doing and in the meantime I will be working away on some new Mischief characters x x x


  1. Yay!!! Happy wedded bliss Mrs!! You and your wedding day all look beautiful...more piccies yes please! Did you have it in Brighton?
    Congrats!! :-)

  2. ahh thank you, we certainly did, town hall then onto Havana for some posh drinks and then onto Fabrica for the last bit. It was so much fun, will post some more pics when I get them and also MEGA congrats on getting through to the final of Lilla R!!! you must be buzzing/slightly feeling the pressure...??!! good luck and fingers and toes crossed for you x

    1. Ooo...I love Havana's! How nice! Don't know Fabrica...been gone too long!! :-( Thanks Ilona... what will be, will be!! xx

  3. Aw Ilona you look beautiful!!! Yes defo put more photos on!!! Condratulations MRS! xxxx

  4. Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige stap. Mooie foto's mooie dag.
    Gezegend huwelijk toegewenst samen.

  5. Congratulations to all three of you! I would love to see more pics because it all looks so beautiful and lovely xxx

  6. More photos please, it looks fantastic : )
    Enjoy dropping in 'my husband' as many times as you can... and of course using your new name !

  7. YAY! Congratulations Mrs!
    What beautiful photos (more please!)

  8. Hey Ilona! big congrats to you all on your big day, it all looks gorgeous:) I've only just seen your blog post, I'm so behind with blogging lately!


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