Saturday, 21 December 2013

Hallo and a Merry Christmas!!

Sitting here in the studio with gales blowing outside I find myself asking 2 questions 1. Does anyone still read my blog??!!! and 2.How is Olive turning 3 tomorrow????!!! 
I have been finding it hard to find time anywhere at the moment with Top Drawer in 3 weeks time but I Drew This is certainly looking forward to Olives party tomorrow along with a week of christmas fun. and relaxing.
Preparations for the show all seem to be good at the moment and I just can't wait to see what the show might bring,  we will be taking 18 new mischief characters along, all of whom are already my special babies.
Above I thought I would post one of my favourite and most popular Christmas designs from this year and take this opportunity to wish everyone in this twisty turny wonderful freelance life a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2014.

Lots of love I Drew This x x x


  1. Hi I still read your blog!! and I know what you mean. I love seeing how you combine motherhood with designing. I am in the same situation, my little boy is 2 soon and it flies by. What a challenge designing and chasing toddlers around!! Merry Christmas. X

  2. hallo Claire, wonderful news I will keep blogging my news. life is very rarely quiet that is for sure :) Have a fabulous break and stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things x x x

  3. I still pop by when I find the time (bit of a challenge with two kids though)! Hope you had a fun party for Olive, and a Happy Christmas. Enjoy Top Drawer - definitely the Trade Show I used to enjoy visiting the most. x


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