Monday, 21 February 2011


Took Olive today for her first jabs and it was horrible, she screamed like I have never seen before and continued to do so until she just fell asleep!! BOO :(
I have been seeking joy in 60's inspired repeats.
Possible mug usage...?


  1. It's the worst, isn't it! Felix had to have three last time we went, and she'd sussed out what was going to happen next, so I felt super cruel :(

    On a lighter note - love the prints, the top one is my favourite! :)

  2. 60's florals rule! I really like the big daisies in the earthy tones. Best to you and little Olive! xo

  3. Oh poor Olive and poor you.. I remember jab days..not nice.. hope you are both feeling better. Love the 60's floral prints very in.. I'm a 60's baby, .. just wish I could be refreshed and suddenly be cool again..

  4. Oh I know just how you feel, and you know what, it's even harder when they're older!! and you have to explain to them beforehand what's going to happen! ... but chocolate is a good medicine for afters, I told Sky if she was a really brave girl she could have anything at the Chocolate Box ( a local sweet shop) "anything mummy?", "yip anything you want!" She couldn't wait for the nurse to call her name! she ran into the room had the jab and then announced "come on Mummy quickly, I was soooo brave" and started reciting a list of sweets she was going to have!!... she's her mothers girl!!
    The 60's prints look fabulous!

  5. aah thanks for all your supportive comments guys, Olive has been having a big snooze day and has been warm and snuggly :)
    and Lisa I wont forget the sweet shop tactic!! X


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