Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh man...

Its 20 past 12!! when I clicked on a new format at 1 o clock this afternoon on my blog I immediatly realised what I had done a bit like when you think its a great idea to paint the living room and then regret doing so about an hour into the actual event...
So my blog is currently work in progress and as I have the squarest of eyes so am going to bed!!
night night.


  1. Oh dear, hope you've nearly got it back to what you wanted. That's why I am terrified of altering my blog template, as no idea really what I'm doing or how to fix it if things went wrong! Hope you got some good sleep anyhow! x

  2. ha ha that's so funny :-)
    I daren't touch mine either..I'm amazed when I see all those fancy blogs with different sections and stuff...I'll be keeping mine "minimalistic"


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