Monday, 16 May 2011

Saw this... the doctors today, had to take Olive she has a sore patch on her face from dribblin, and I thought ' YES PLEASE!!!'. I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about cleaning and its driving me crazy!!


  1. Ha ha! I too spend ridiculous amounts of time thinking about cleaning....sadly not that much time actually doing's too short to be cleaning too much :-)
    (And yes, I think the damned shadow is here to stay xx)

  2. me too! it's relentless! I ignore it in the hope it will go away! send the lady in the marigolds over to me please too!

  3. Can she drive to Hertfordshire?
    I've got a nice line in dust bunnies and cobwebs waiting for her.........!

  4. dust bunnies? never heard of second thoughts dont tell me!!!


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