Friday, 11 November 2011

a good week.

well there have been lows, cleaning up cat sick off both of my sofas first thing wednesday morning and what seems to be the beginning of a stinky cold ( I have sneezed at least 50 times already today and its only 12 oclock ;(, and then there have been the highs, yesterdays print pattern post and seeing another of my xmas designs on the shelf in Paperchase,
happy weekends lovely people X


  1. I hope your cold comes to nothing and the cat feels better soon :)

    And wow! That's brilliant to have your cards in Paperchase....good for you xx

  2. You have indeed done well, congratulations on having your design on the high street. Well-deserved too.

  3. Sorry, you're feeling ropey, there's a lot of it about :( Love that your stuff's in paperchase though, you go girl! x


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