Wednesday, 23 November 2011

life drawing 1.

hallo ooh have I been busy squirelling away in preparation of a couple of Christmas craft fairs!
exciting as have LOTS of new bits to show you and get some feedback V V SOON!!
I went to MADE at the corn exchange last weekend ( met sarah Young, she was very cool)AND checked out the Rob Ryan exhibition at Castor & Pollox on the seafront on a fresh and sunny Nov day.
AND last night went to life drawing courtesy of BIG.
It was cool, was like being back at college and I used an easel and everything...I had to be chittyed along into drawing faces but when I did I thought they came out ok :)
see you V soon with pics of new work x

1 comment:

  1. Your life drawing is great. I used to love life drawing when I was at college, it really makes you focus.

    As for Sarah Young...I love her work and I'm a proud owner of one of her prints too. Thanks for leading us to her blog :) x


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