Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Now I know that we are all super incredibly busy with our fabulous design lives however I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun with our skills and play some games of what I am naming 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes', essentially the game we used to play at school where one person draws a head folds the paper over leaving an indication of where the neck starts, next person draws a body, folds the paper over and the final person takes care of the legs and feet and what you are left with is a crazy mismatch of amusing and quirky characters in a lovely combo of all of our styles, does this make sense/ring any bells??
right now I am just seeing who would be interested in taking part, if you are then pop a comment below and your email and then I can send you some further details.


  1. Sounds fun! I would like a go please :)

  2. brilliant with me that makes 3!! we can do our first HSKT illo :) I will be in touch soon with some more details x

  3. Hi Ilona, just seen this, I'm a bit behind with my blogs at the mo! I'd love to have a go though.. I play it with my nieces quite a bit and we always come up with some crazy surrealist creatures:)

  4. Hi Moira of course you can join in, with any luck it will become an ongoing thing, looks like you will be playing with my dad!!


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