Friday, 28 September 2012

HSKT Number 1.

Oh this really is too cool, here is the 1st heads, shoulders, knees and toes illustration!!!!
Armed with the theme of 'cats' Amy Underhill, Liz Mackay and myself have all come up with illustrations which just work brilliantly together!! 
There is a definite orange theme going on here. 
Thank you both Amy and Liz for helping to get this project up and running and we are now looking for more illustrators to continue the fun :)
If you would like to take part pop your name below and I will be in touch.
Next weeks theme is 'red' and we NEED 1 more illustrator to play with my dad and the fantastic Moira Millman...

all Illustration copyright of Amy Underhill,Liz Mackay and Ilona Drew 2012.


  1. LOVE IT!! doesn't she look fancy!! thanks ilona, I enjoyed taking part xxxxx

  2. ha ha! she is one cool cat! i had great fun too thanks ilona its a brill idea! xx

  3. That's great we love that game in our house. I would love to take part if you ever have a space. x

  4. stephanie you are in this one!! :)


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